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[23 Jun 2013|07:42am]
does anyone else have "friends" who tell you "you'd be great for" so and so when so and so is ugly, or an asshole, or totally not your type, when you're with someone very hot and likeable, and the only reason they say the other person is better is because they can't understand how you are with such a hottie awesome person when you might not be as cute as they are, your partner? IT MAKES ME WANNA STAB SOMEONE. its happened twice to me. my boyfriend is hot. i am not as hot but he likes me and my fat ass so stop trying to pair me with someone less than me or "my level" it is fucked up. and not mention rude like a bitch. sorry your life is shit. mines poppin.

mad men is so good.

anyway. hatas gonna hate.

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she's a queen, she's a queen, down the crying stream. [16 Mar 2013|02:38am]
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the love I make is equal to the love I take.

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